Friday, April 24, 2009

Where do you stand?

TALKER (12%) - a general keen convesationalist
SHARER (10%) - someone who shares lots of links etc they've found
NEWBIE (9%) - someone with few friends or followers yet
NETWORKER (9%) - a conversationalist who tweets a lot
WRITER (8%) - a general keen tweeter of their own content
POET (8%) - a writer who tweets more than usual
CELEBRITY (8%) - someone with a large following
SOCIALITE (8%) - someone who is mainly in conversation with people
BOFFIN (7%) - someone whose language is generally advanced or technical
ROBOT (7%) - someone whose tweets are mostly links
LURKER (5%) - someone who doesn't tweet very much
GURU (4%) - someone with many followers but doesn't follow back so much
VOYEUR (3%) - someone who reads lots of others but has few followers
PARROT (1%) - someone who retweets excessively
ODDBALL (1%) - someone who overuses hashtags

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