Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make a tab in iGoogle that holds your topics of interest

1. Log onto your Google account
2. Click iGoogle to open.
3. Create your own home page if you have not already done this.
4. Click “add stuff” to search for existing iGoogle gadgets
5. Look for RSS feeds and click “add feed or gadget” left column of page
6. Search Twitter and add Twitter feeds.
7. iGoogle has tools for building quick gadgets eg for YouTube (short playlist of YouTube videos for example)
8. Look for a theme. You could search free stock images.
9. Select “share” in the drop down list.
10. Send an email to yourself with the link. Click on it within the email and copy the html code for the address.
11. Distribute the link for others to add this page to their iGoogle reader.
12. When they receive the email they will click on the link to add this tab to their iGoogle page
Source @pfanderson
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