Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why use Twitter?

Twitter is a broadcasting tool (one to many), a conversation tool (one to one)and a discussion tool (many to many).
Twitter reminds people that there are others ‘out there’
It is a ‘water cooler’ for those unable to share the ‘passing moment’
It helps people feel ‘techno/geek’ because little skill is needed for great interaction.
It enables people to learn and connect.
It is quick way to communicate.
It enables people to connect or disconnect on their terms.
Some enjoy the large but ‘do not care’ audience.
It enables a trivial and more personal interaction compared with blogs.
The informality and briefness of each contact is appealing to some.
Quick responses are possible.
Twitter promotes teamwork and is fun.
It is possible to connect with people with like interests.
It is instant communication.
A greater level of intimacy is possible.
It enables some to feel more engaged with technical people.
Working alone is less lonely with Twitter available.
Twitter can facilitate the rapid spread of knowledge and ideas.
Twitter enables ‘connection’.
Twitter ‘unites lost souls’ and reminds us we are ‘all in it together’.
Twitter is like a ‘friendly pub’ where friends meet.
Following people on Twitter can keep people ‘up to date’ with current ideas.
Instant updates ensure ‘right now’ opinions.
Potpourris of changing topic make it interesting.
It breaks the feeling of isolation.
Other people’s links are interesting.
Useful information is easily shared.
Twitter is a mobile communication tool..the mobility is appealing.
Quirky and crazy remarks are funny.
Selfless people doing things for the community are common on twitter.
Updates without the ‘spam’ are possible.
Keeps track of others in the same field.
It is simple to use.
It taps into collective consciousness.
Wisdom of the crowds idea.
Instant responses are possible.
Networking with like-minded people is great.
It is possible to be connected but no obligated.
It is not necessary to be continuously updating, breaks do not matter.
It functions as a cathartic medium and it is possible to ‘get thoughts out of the system’.
Connecting with people on an equal basis is possible on Twitter.
It enables exposure to a diverse range of ideas.
Direct replies are very good.
The speed and personal nature of Twitter are appealing.
Connectivity, communication and community = Twitter.
Instant, easy and free = Twitter.
It enables insights in other people’s lives.
Choosing which conversations to tune into without obligation is fun and informative.
It is a good learning tool.
It is a good sharing environment.
It is possible to ask many people a question….once.
It feels like face-to-face conversation.
140 characters make it concise.
It jump-starts ideas.
The sense of trust and community Twitter fosters is enjoyable.
Live coverage of events is possible (US and NZ elections)\.
The search feature is a fast way to find people with similar interests.
Appointments and announcements are quickly and easily broadcast.
Twitter can be a 'note taking' tool for recording ideas offline.
Twitter is a social marketing tool.
Learn about trends and hot topics.