Monday, November 17, 2008

Create a Pipe to control your RSS feeds

Yahoo! Pipes editor is a tool to mash, aggregate and manipulate content from the web.
Go to Yahoo Pipes
The library pane lists available modules that create specific tasks.
The canvas pane is the main work area for assembling and testing.
The debugger is the grey area at the bottom where you can see the results

Search for news on “_____”
Grab the RSS feed (copy link)
Go to Pipes
Create a Pipe
From the library pane……
Fetch feed…drag it onto the ‘stage’
Paste in the RSS URL that you copied
Filter…drag to the stage.
Connect the pipes
Customise the block/allow items that match all/any of the following. Then
Next field matches the RSS link so select field you wish to filter. Eg title..contains..(the word you wish to filter out)
Drag the pipe to output

You could to a Technorati blog search .
Check the Authority which is the number of blogs linking to the number of blogs in your search results. Copy the RSS URL link
Fetch feed Paste in the RSS URL
Eg block “inbound blogs” in the Technorati RSS URL that “is less than” 20
Union command
Plug the two feeds into the Union bar
Join to Pipe Output
Run the pipe
Have a look at the results in the grey debugger area below

Creating this pipe gives you granular spam control over blog searches
Go to the top and change the title
Run pipe
You can get as a page, post onto your reader page, get results by email, create RSS of the feed.

Watch a video tutorial here………….